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ISAE 3402 Essentials - English

€ 895
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€ 895

Gain insight into the impact of ISAE 3402 during this clear and practical training. All facets of ISAE 3402 come along step by step: structure, form and content of the report. Learn the steps that your organization must follow when implementing the new standard. Within this standard a great emphasis is placed on risk identification and risk management. This course has been developed in collaboration with This way we can guarantee that our ISAE 3402 course is the most complete and current. This course also emphasizes the implementation of the standard. The training starts with the background and history of the standard. Then all the concepts that are important with the ISAE 3402 standard are reviewed. We also teach you what an ISAE 3402 report should look like. Finally, the implementation of the standard is discussed. At the end of this course you are a conversation partner and expert in the field of ISAE 3402!